My Portfolio

Websites: Is the current project that I am working on. I am currently working on softening the look and feel of the product packaging and website. First website full time job also several intranet sites for On Top Of The World who we were their Cable provider. Was my second site also set up Dr. Lammers Server and networked 10 pc’s, 6 printers 2perscription label printers and blood machine. All that is left is an oversized logo that I designed was always page one and two on Google key search term Reverse Mortgage from 2006 to 2009. Here is the url on the wayback Machine so you can see what it looked like

This is what it looked like after we redesigned it to work with our call center an agent would pick up after a few seconds. The purpose of the redesign was to communicate the potential customer when they landed on our page. Also checked and would show different homepage based on if you had javascript enabled in browser. Site is still up but company out of business, example of my video work and editing the graphics on site are a bit heavy. Worked on with owner using her own HTML skills.  Still active and maintained about once a year. Contains flash, rental application designed in Adobe Live Cycle Developer, interactive Google map, apartment floor plans designed using Punch! Home Design – Platinum a horse rescue nonprofit but due to bad economy he had to take website down and close doors. (Donations dried up)

Victory Scramble for a Cure website in The Villages.

Gus Money a frend of mine trying to get his carrer jumpstarted. This site shows some of my audio and video editing skills